About maronski

The Viennese fashion label maronski is owned and managed by Martina Meixner. She is like a one-show establishing maronski with much passion for about 6 years.
She designs fashion for “everyday heroines”, using mainly jersey fabrics and artful cuts: Only few are combing the fleeciness of the material with perfect fit and modern silhouettes.


Over time, maronski experienced some changes and adaptations: In 2008, the first maronski store was opened in the 7th Viennese district (Lindengasse). In 2011, the whole production could be converted to certified organic fabrics. maronski became a green, eco-fashion label. Since 2013, the maronksi store can be found in one of the best shopping areas in Vienna in the Neubaugasse (close to Mariahilfer Straße, the no. one shopping street in Vienna).


Although maronski grew steadily and slight modifications had to be made, Martina Meixner kept the principla style of maronski and successfully numerous brand loyal customers. She takes part on national and international design fairs on a regular basis getting well known also beyond Austrian borders.

Due to its professional market performance, the customers notice that the secret of maronski can be found in the person of Martina Meixner, who likes to spend the weekends with her family in their garden and with their friends. They get an impression of the wealth of lust for live, personal satisfaction and a live style of sustainability.


But for all that, Martina Meixner is, above all, a serious business lady and educated blooded design expert. She takes responsibility for the maronski team, always thinking about the next fashion season. As a consequence, the new concepts are also developed casually by scribbling on a napkin or during travelling with the train to one of the next international fashion fairs.


The latest clou is a specific service for maronski customers, the fashion line “my.maronski”: Martina Meixner enables their customers to develop unique designs together with her. The clients are able to create individual colour combinations online on the maronski home page. This can be done for maronski’s best sellers using a modular manufacturing system.

BTW: The name of the label “maronski” refers to a native Caribbean population, the so-called Maroons. In their history they successfully fought for independence, freedom and personal life style against the British Empire with a female leader on their top. Consequently, maronski stands for strong, independent fashion full of lust for live for remarkable women.